Notch CEO Panelist at The State of IT in Hampton Roads


Notch CEO Paul Hurlocker will serve as a panelist at The State of Information Technology in Hampton Roads on August 22nd, 2017. The event will be held at the Hilton Norfolk THE MAIN from 9am-5pm. The following are further details about the panel:

Topic: Big Data – 3pm

2016 was a landmark year for big data with more organizations storing, processing, and extracting value from data of all forms and sizes. In 2017, systems that support large volumes of both structured and unstructured data will continue to rise.

The market will demand platforms that help data custodians govern and secure big data while empowering end users to analyze that data.

Moderator: Kimberly Mahan, CEO at MAXX Potential

Paul Hurlocker, CEO & Co-Founder, Notch

Charles L. Cartledge, Interim Dir of Operations, Fulcrum IT

Jesse Wright, Manager of Data Science,, a Division of Dominion Enterprises

Patric Lundberg, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Director, Bioinformatics Analytics Core, Microbiology and Molecular Cell Biology, Eastern Virginia Medical School.