Notch CEO Paul Hurlocker a Panelist at AMA Richmond Event



Wednesday, October 26, 2016 at 5:30 PM

101 W. 7th Street
Richmond, VA 23224

Notch CEO Paul Hurlocker will serve as a panelist at a AMA Richmond event entitled TEACH ME HOW: TREND OR FAD? HOW TO EVALUATE AND TAKE ADVANTAGE OF NEW TECHNOLOGIES.


Trend or fad – how do you tell the difference and how do you determine when to jump in with both feet or just dip a toe in the water? With the fast-paced and ever-changing technology landscape of new social platforms, wearables, virtual reality and even PokemonGo!, marketers have to learn how to evaluate and adapt to new technologies quickly or find themselves playing catch-up to their competition.

Join our panel of technology & digital marketing experts for a crash course in the latest technology trends and insights into how marketers can use them to connect with customers in new and unexpected ways.  Panelists from some of Richmond’s leading technology start-ups will be sharing their personal perspectives on mobile, social, web, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and social media trends that you can’t afford to ignore.


  • Chris Busse, Chief Technology Officer, APIvista
  • Paul Hurlocker, Chief Executive Officer, Notch
  • Kim Mahan, Chief Executive Officer, Maxx Potential
  • Brad Perry, Director of Strategy, AuthX
  • Garrett Ross, Co-Founder of Mobelux & New Custom
  • Moderator: Kendall Morris, Chief Strategy Officer, AuthX