Notch CTO presenting at Spark & Machine Learning Night @ Capital One

RVA Spark
February 22 · 6:00 PM
Capital One Commons

Apache Spark is a leading technology for providing data science solutions to big data problems. Notch CTO Matt Der will present a real-world use case from a recently completed engagement with EnterBridge Technologies — a partner in the Richmond tech community. EnterBridge performs wholesale pricing analysis for distributors and manufacturers across a range of industries. Business analysts currently use a rule-based approach with manual feature selection and filters to determine “price groups” that indicate which products can be sold at higher margins. Notch framed this task as a clustering problem, introducing a machine learning approach that is automated, well-principled, and highly customizable, which offers EnterBridge opportunities to inject their domain expertise. This talk will walk through the deliverable, a Databricks Notebook, covering both high-level machine learning concepts and low-level implementation details in Spark.

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