Online Travel Agency

Online Travel Agency

Orlando, FL

Data Strategy for Online Travel Agency


Online travel agency that specializes in vacation packages.


Notch worked with the online travel agency to develop a comprehensive data strategy that addressed needs related to both transactional and reporting and analysis data. Notch focused on the full lifecycle of data, evaluation of transactional integrity, operations, management, and statutory reporting, and strategies for scaling, replication, and archival across transactional and data warehouse platforms. Notch analyzed source code, ETL jobs, stored-procedures, triggers, reports, and data integrations to product detailed data lineages, report catalogs and enterprise-wide data flows.

Notch also looked more broadly at the product direction, development processes, and application architecture.  The assessment resulted in a comprehensive set of recommendations to support the company’s strategic objectives in the form of a multi-year, product-centric roadmap.

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